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My name is Ree. I am a fox.
I like art/writing, wildlife, and video games.
I don't like rudeness, dishonesty, or drama.
I don't know if I'm so simple I am complex, or so complex I am simple.

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so I went to Japan for 16 days and it was totally surreal. *A*
I found that since I'm accustomed to hearing Japanese in the Japanese movies I watch, being surrounded by Japanese irl literally just felt like being in a movie for me. but it was crazy. All the characters I love from Japanese film, I could see in the people and envision in the environments all around, and all the scenery from anime I've watched, I could see everywhere. it was crazy and magical and really surreal.

Although, there's nowhere to sit in Japan, so my feet were in a constant state of pain the entire trip rofl. and the study abroad trip was PACKED with stuff to do, so I didn't have half as much time to shop as I would've liked - nonetheless, I bought a lot of shit, namely Durarara! merch, some Yu Yu Hakusho keychains, Togainu no Chi merch & doujinshi, Pokemon merch, a Detective Conan keychain, cute accessories, and a super rad Engrish shirt. + v + and absurd amounts of food throughout the trip, of course. But I dropped 7 pounds while there because of all the fucking walking I did, so there's that~
there was an even better Engrish shirt I wanted, a white T-shirt with "SQUID LIPS" in black print on the front, and God I wanted it, but it was on a guy lol.

it also felt really weird to realize whenever I was on the opposite side of the planet. Because it was subtle - it was only really evident in the foliage and wildlife. The trees were different, the landscape was different, the cities and architecture were different. There were birds I didn't recognize(which never happens to me in the US), and there were nO SQUIRRELS(which never happens in Michigan). >__> That kind of thing made it almost feel like I was on another planet. but it was subtle, so it was almost eerie.

all in all, I badly want to go back ASAP and preferably take my friends with me and then spend, like, an entire summer there or some shit because there's still so much stuff I want to see more of and so much shopping I still want to do. +____+

My top two favorite experiences were:
- An onsen. Holy shit. I went to Oedo Onsen in Tokyo and it was HUGE. It was more of a social onsen than a relaxing one, but fuuuuuuck, it was so nice. and they had everything. you could seriously basically live there.
- Shopping in Harajuku. HARAJUKU IS MY JAM. I only reached like 1/4 of ONE street of shopping there and still bought so much stuff and there were so manY COOL SHOPS FJFIOEWJAGIOWAF I JUST WANT TO LIVE IN JAPAN AND VIOLENTLY MASH PUNK AND KAWAII AESTHETICS TOGETHER INTO MY PERSONAL STYLE

The top two/three things I want to go back for:
- I did not see enough Shibuya. Roppongi is a lie. Roppongi is all shitty bars. Shibuya is THE place for shopping, themed cafes, clubbing/nightlife, and meeting people. I barely got to spend any time there and totally have to go back to actually experience Shibuya.
- Asakusa or Kyoto. We spent literally 30 minutes in Asakusa because our schedule was so crammed full of shit that day, and we spent those 30 minutes hunting for somewhere to have lunch. But there were so many cool traditional shops here I wanted really badly to poke around in, ffffff. We spent one whole day in Kyoto but it was a BLUR of castles/temples/shrines. x___x To spend a few days in Kyoto and really savor the temples and shops would be nice.
- I went to Oedo Onsen twice, spending like 3 hours there the second time, but holy damn I need to get back to Japan if only for onsens. .___. 

I'll also have you know that my nocturnal US sleep schedule was flawless in Japan. Flawless. I woke up around 7am and passed out around 11pm like clockwork almost every day. It was beautiful.

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FroggyDreams Featured By Owner May 5, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
:wave: Hiii Ree~
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Hope you have a good year and keep up the Great Work.
EgyptianMyth Featured By Owner Jan 27, 2015  Student General Artist
Thanks!! I'm really trying to develop a style and improve.

I look forward to more of your stuff too! It's awesome seeing the new kinds of monsters you come out with~
MonsterKingOfKarmen Featured By Owner Jan 27, 2015  Professional Traditional Artist
First thing first is getting fresh patch of color pencils and pens, then i'm good to go.
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Thank you for the llama!
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Happy Birthday, sorry I was late.
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Aww, no problem! You're the only one on DA who even said anything this year, haha. Thanks! <3
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It is my pleasure. 
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